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        These lists provide details of changes to legislation including repeals, amendments and other effects (e.g. modifications and commencement information) made by subsequent legislation.

        The search form below provides access to lists detailing changes made by all UK legislation enacted from 2002 – present to the UK primary legislation held on legislation.gov.uk. Changes made by legislation enacted prior to 2002 have already been incorporated into the content of the primary legislation and are not available as searchable lists. Changes made by secondary legislation enacted from 2000 onwards are available. Changes to EU Regulations and Decisions originating from the EU by UK legislation are also included in these lists.

        The lists are updated with changes made by new legislation as soon as possible after the legislation is received by the legislation.gov.uk editorial team. In most cases the changes will be available within two weeks of the new legislation being published, though during particularly busy periods for new legislation it may take longer. Up to IP completion day (31 December 2020), changes to EU legislation made by EU legislation are being captured from EUR-Lex and published to the Changes to Legislation pages.

        Note: Where changes and effects have yet to be applied to the UK or EU legislation you are viewing on this site, then any ‘Changes to Legislation’ are also displayed alongside the content of the legislation at provision level.


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        Use this facility to search for changes that affect one or more items of legislation based on the criteria below. Alternatively you can leave this side of the form blank to find the changes and effects on any revised legislation.